BeWhale is a protocol developed to create, exchange and manage synthetic assets.

BeWhale.Finance, creates innovative technological solutions, like blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate a platform for engagement with decentralized derivatives.

BeWhale Finance seeks to connect investors with the real assets, through decentralized asset management. The benefits of issuing derivatives on the blockchain have led market participants to develop DeFi protocols facilitating the creation of tokens. BeWhale Finance provides an affordable solution and accessible infrastructure by creating a protocol to facilitate an optimal solution for the creation, connection and management of the assets, unifying two different markets. Financial and Crypto market.

BeWhale Platforms are under developing and will be presented to the public in Beta Phase. To be informed, join our Telegram group, check our Website and read the Whitepaper.

If you like the project, please feel free to participate at the ICO sale.



BeWhale Finance Decentralized Asset Management facilitates a transparent and open way of management by connecting investors to real assets.